Hey Readers…

This is my first post as you can probably tell. I wanted to make like a funky blog on life as a college girl from California. So enjoy!


14 thoughts on “Hey Readers…

  1. I don’t care what you want to say in your blog, I just care that you are from California, and you have blue eyes and blond hair and you do surffing. That is why I’m doing “my cool stalker moves” even if I have to go to the Pacific swimming with all those beautiful sharks to read you.
    Stay Frosty gentess.
    By the way the word “stay frosty” does have a real meaning.
    And thank you for giving your time to my crazy blog. Really appreciate it, truly.


  2. Sorry, I’m a little confused. I’m definitely from California but I do not have blond hair or blue eyes and I definitely don’t surf. But, I’m still pretty gorgeous and have other great qualities 💁🏽

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      1. I just saw this! lol I think so. It’s always stereotyped that Californias are sun bleached blonde, super tan, with fake tits. I can definitely say I’m “tan” due to me being black lol but my girls are real 😉 and my hair is black.

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  3. Hi there!
    I’m brand new to your blog, but you already know that. So far, I kind of enjoy it and I look forward to reading more!
    And thanks for following my blog too!


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