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Tinder Chronicles pt 2

Sorry it’s been a bit from my last post but midterms had me dragging about.

Anyway… get ready for the story of BMW Mormon. ( also, I don’t have a problem with people who drive BMWs or that are Mormon)
So BMW Mormon I met up at BJ’s. He picked me up from my house and gave me a hug on introduction. Also, he walked to the other side of the car to open my door which I thought was so nice of him to do.

As we get to BJ’s he is making casual conversation. He asked all the right questions like what I did for work and where I was going to school. He began talking about where he came from (which I totally forgot but I think like Utah?). He explained his family owned a lot of land there. Which I took as “I’ve always had money”. I forgot to mention he picked me up in a brand spanken new BMW that had no license plates and he was wearing a really fancy suit. Which I mean he definitely knows how to dress but I felt totally under dressed for this BJs date. Anyway, he decided to order a pizza we could share since I took forever to decide what to eat.

The date was going well but I kind of felt he was too good for me in a way? He talked about all his accomplishments and how he travels a lot for work. He worked for this solar panel company and he’s like a door to door salesman. He was very attractive so I can see how people would be inclined to want to buy from him.

After dinner we decided to go back to his place for drinks. Why I thought this was a good idea I couldn’t tell you. We pulled up to this super nice condo in Huntington Beach he said he was renting out because he never knows how long he is going to stay in one place. His roommate was there and he was really nice and they had a few people over. We all were drinking mixed drinks (probably cranberry and vodka since I was a noob). Anyway, it was a lot of fun and by 11pm I probably had more to drink than I should of.

He then asked if I wanted to stay over a little longer before we left. I said sure why not because it was Saturday night and it wasn’t like I was going to do anything when I got home anyway.

Fast forward to the boring ass movie he put on. It was the movie based on Johnny Cash. Omg it was straight snoozeville and I tried really hard not to fall asleep. But, in the end I fell asleep because I mean come on. I wake up like 2 hours later and I’m thinking OMG I barely know this guy and I fell asleep at his house.
I started to wake him up (told you boring movie) and he reached across to kiss me. We had kissed a little bit during the movie but not too much. Anyway this became like a super huge make out session. After it got a little too heavy he decided he shouldn’t continue and said we should go to bed.

By this point I was like he’s probably not going to kill me so might as well. So we fell asleep and the next day I woke him up by kissing him. Things got a little crazy again and he stopped mid dry hump. LOL. Sorry I had to add that in there because looking back I feel so ridiculous.

Anyway he drove me home and we never talked again.


We texted maybe a few times after but that was it. He ended up moving to like Arizona or something.
Lesson learned: don’t fall asleep at a strangers house no matter how tired you are or how cute they might be.

Also don’t drink more than one drink because you make bad decisions.

Also, due to Facebook showing those “people you may know” he popped up recently. And guess what? He’s married…….
Oh, also never date a guy you felt like he was better than you because it made the thing like super uncomfortable and I felt like he judged me. Especially after the awkward dry hump attempt to get in his pants. I forgot he was Mormon and that was not going to fly.

But yeah. That’s the end of that story. Stay tuned for Guy Who Dates Girls that Look Related. It’s a little sketch on my part but you’ll see why.


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