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Discovering Myself (Non-Tinder Date Story)

Quick question before the start of this. Is it really lame that I’m giving such basic titles for the stories? Or should I just name the title after the Tinder date I went on? It seems like this is what this blog might be about most if not all the time. I need suggestions my creativity isn’t my strong point, I’m just a talker.




Tinder. Oh, how I love how easy it is to swipe left and right on a boring day at home. Tinder has definitely taught me more about myself then I ever would have thought. It’s taught me how superficial I can be and I am quick to swipe left on a guy who is shorter than 5’10. It has also taught me that I only date guys with blue eyes and I never swipe right otherwise. My first crush was Andrew Williams in second grade who was a fiery red-headed with blue eyes who also did motocross with his family on weekends. My first celebrity crush was/is Zac Efron. Have you seen the body on the man? MMM MMM MMM. Honestly, I would probably drop what I was doing if he ever gave me the opportunity.

Also, Tinder made me feel really good about myself. In my precious post I mentioned I had just gotten out of a 6 year relationship. At that time he was my first ever boyfriend and my first ever love. However, after the relationship ended I felt I needed a new sort of identity. I was with that same person for so long I lost myself.


With the help of this little dating app I was able to go out and experience different things. I was also able to become more confident in myself. I started to wear more provocative clothing and going out to bars and clubs. I was complimented all the time from these men and I ate it up. It did change me for the worst for a bit but I felt it was something I needed to experience. I was a little cut throat once I discovered my level of hotness being 50 on a 1-10 scale. My about me on Tinder used to read  “Swipe left only if you look like Zac Efron”.

Looking back I would not change any of it. Along the way I learned about myself and I learned that I deserved better.


I know this blog turned out to be a little more inspirational/not so sure but I think it would be good to switch it up so you understand who I am.


I am a California girl who grew up in a big city. I got to experience life outside of my own comfort zone and it really helped shape me today.


On a more conceited note, I learned that I was BEAUTIFUL, SEXY, GORGEOUS, HOT and everything else under the sun.

I think every one deserves to feel that way. Don’t you?







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