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The One That Got Away

Hey Everyone, how’s your week going? Great. Mine too. It’s been a rough start and I am hoping as the weekend approaches it’ll get better. However, I thought it was time to tell the tale of a really happy ending to a Tinder date. What do you think? Yeah, me too.



The One That Got a Way is exactly as stated. The perfect man at the wrong time. As most of my dates I met him on Tinder but it took a while before we were actually able to meet up due to conflicting schedules.  At the time I was busy with work, cheer, and being a full time student. He was an older guy in his late 20s and had done his fair share of dating. The One That Got Away had recently moved here from Washington and was pursuing a career as a fireman. He had previously been one in the town he was from but had to redo the training for California.


Skip to the week of the date.


I get a text message from him saying not to make plans for Friday. By this point. I had been kind of talking to another guy but nothing serious of course and I was like okay sure, what’s the plan. He said he would tell me closer to the date. By that time I was thinking what in the world could it be that he couldn’t tell me. We had been messaging back in for about a good month. We had of course talked about our likes and dislikes but NOTHING prepared me for this.




I apologize for the loud and obnoxious typing above but I want you to understand the seriousness of the situation. I am a huge country fan and Luke Bryan is absolutely amazing. He told me the night before after I asked what I should wear so that I was prepared for the activity. He said it would be on the grass and it would be a concert. Of course, myself being the spy that I am researched what in the world he could be talking about. FREAKING LUKE BRYAN!


Fast forward to the day. I wore a cute denim dress with my cute cowboy boots I had purchased that year for Stagecoach. I even curled my hair which in itself is such a task. He messaged me that he was on his way and I was beyond nervous.


By the way, did I mention he was 6’4, blue eyes, blonde, with an 8 pack? I mean can you say marry me today so we can get started on our future babies?


So, I walked out of my house through the back to meet him outside. However, as I walked out my grandmother had called me and said a young man came to the door to take you on your date. I have NEVER had a guy walk to my front door to pick me up. CHIVALRY is not dead. So, I was super surprised to say the least and he looked darn good. He came dressed with a red plaid shirt with tight Levi’s. MM-MMM. I swear my grandma laughed because I gave him a few once overs.


We ended up taking an Uber to the event together because parking was horrible at the venue. We ended up having lawn seats which aren’t super close but you still get a pretty nice view. It was such a super sweet idea and I am glad he picked this as the first date. We were singing along to about every song and just dancing to the music. At one point he even stood behind me to hold me and sway to the music. Honestly, this was probably the best night of my life.

After the concert, he took me by the hand and led me out of the venue as we hopped into the Uber back to my place. As we are on our way back to the house he asks if I was hungry. By this point it was about 11pm and I definitely was hungry but not for what he was talking about but I said yes nonetheless. We ended up going to BJ’s since it was kind of late and they had a lot of choices as far as food goes. We ended up sharing some nachos since I couldn’t eat something super heavy by that time. We had such a good time just laughing and really finding out about each other. Once in a while his hand would graze my knee and I swear I was about ready to pounce on him at this family establishment but I thought otherwise.


We eventually had to head out because the place was closing, sadly. We headed back to my place and we decided to let the night last a little longer. We ended up making out in his car (very typical of me) and when I say PHEW I mean PHEW. I swear he was like just sent from God to be with me. LOL. That was a little much but I’m somewhat serious at the same time. Anyway, it was getting hot and heavy and then he said we should stop. I swear my heart fell a little at that. He then proceeded to say that I was a good girl and that he didn’t want to corrupt me. In my head I’m thinking corrupt me for the rest of your days PLEASE. However, I understood.


He ended up walking me to my door and giving me one last kiss. I watched him leave and he turned around and winked.


That was the last time I saw him…


As mentioned before, our schedules just really conflicted and so it was hard to see one another especially while we were both in school. Not too long after his mom got really sick so he had to fly out to Washington to take care of her for a little bit.


We kept in touch and would message here and there but it was just way too hard.


He messaged me not too long ago saying that he wished we could have worked out. Once he was done with his academy he messaged me asking me out. By that time, I had already moved on and I didn’t want to turn back with no guarantee he could make time for me. Sorry, but I am a girl and I can be a little needy and I need my man to see me more than once a week.

The last message he sent me was during Christmas time and he said he wish he would have done things differently and he missed out on such a great girl. He also let me know that he still thinks about me and what could have been. I wrote back the truth and that was I definitely had a great time getting to know him but it was best that we remember the moment we shared together but that it wouldn’t happen again.


I do not regret meeting him because he was such a great guy with such a kind heart. He let me know before getting into anything that he was really busy and that he didn’t have time for a serious relationship and I understood that. When I tried to at least get in his pants 😉  . He didn’t want me to become that girl just for him and I understood that as well.


He is the one that got away….

Oh and by the way. The featured picture is really what he looked like. ENJOY


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