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Rebound Gone Bad

Hello everyone and welcome to my 4th blog post! I think it’s 4 but I’m a little too lazy to go back and check so don’t quote me!


Anyway… Rebound Gone Bad begins


So, as USUAL I meet up with a guy I met on Tinder. Super cute like All American type of guy who just graduated from Nevada State. He was super tall literally like 6’8″ and I am not exaggerating at all. Super freakishly tall dude. Blonde hair, blue eyes which is always my type. We talked for a little bit before meeting up and he seemed normal. Key word in that sentence was SEEMED. Though I must admit my undercover skills made me look a little crazy but you’ll learn about that in a little bit.


So, our “date” and I will use that word loosely was at a mall. Again, date was a strong word. We just walked around the mall and just kind of talked about normal stuff. He was big into the Dodgers and I am a big Angels fan. So we would talk about which team was better and sort of joked around in that sense. The conversation wasn’t bad but I can’t say this was a great date. We literally walked around for like 2-3 hours. At one point in time I said we should just sit on a bench because all we did was walk around in a circle and he agreed. We then (as many as my dates end up) , kissing on the park bench. By no means was it aggressive it just kind of happened. However, he liked grabbed me and tried to have me sit on his lap which was very very odd and alarming. Also, while he was kissing me he shifted towards me and I could feel his ding dong through his pants. I swear if I was a shade darker I probably would have been red as a tomato. I decided by that point it became a little much for a public place. We decided at that point we should part ways.



After that we talked here and there but nothing too crazy. He texted me and said he just got really nervous when he was with me and he said he didn’t mean to come off strong and he apologized. I accepted it and I thought it would be worth a try to hang out again. He actually brought me lunch to my job one day since he worked close and he gave me a kiss on the cheek. Which I thought was super cute.


Anyway, fast forward a few days and he popped up on my “People you may know” on Facebook and there was a girl in the profile picture. Me being the nosy person that I am decide I should look at his pictures. I click his pictures and I see even more pictures of the girl from his profile picture. She looked very identical to me except her hair was longer and curlier then mine. Which again I can’t say I don’t date guys similar but this was almost freakishly weird even to me. Then, I decided to check out the girl’s Facebook and she too even had pictures of him throughout her Facebook wall. At this point I’m thinking what a douche. He is on Tinder while he has a girlfriend!

I then ask my friend London to message the girl on Instagram which I found (LOL) to see if she was still dating the guy. I know that might come off as weird because I admit at the time felt weird doing it but I didn’t want to ask him because I figured he would lie about it. So my friend messages the girl and she reads it and doesn’t respond. So at this point I’m like well maybe they broke up recently? I’m not so sure.


So, then he messages me a few weeks later and wants to meet  up. I then ask him straight up like “Hey, you popped up on my Facebook and I noticed a girl…” His response was like “Yeah, that’s my ex girlfriend we broke up a few weeks ago due to the distance”. He then went on and on about why it didn’t work and that he missed her. I was the straight up rebound girl who had similar attributes. What was also strange is that she also a cheerleader just like me and we had the same major. At that point I felt like such an asshole because I had someone message her when she was probably still heartbroken which I could see was the case for him as well. I decided by that point I should just not talk to him because I’m sure when he saw me he only thought of her.


Fast forward to like a few months later and he texts me “did you message my ex girlfriend”. I swear my heart dropped. I read it and didn’t reply for like a few hours because I was SO embarrassed. But, I had to respond because I felt so bad. I ended up telling him why I did it and he understood. Thank God but still. But, that was the end of the conversation really nothing happened after that.


He recently popped up on my Instagram as people I might want to add and he is dating a girl AGAIN who looks very very similar to me. I swear like a doppelganger.



So, if there is anything I have learned is be UPFRONT and HONEST with the person you are talking to. Otherwise, you will end up looking like a CREEP and he won’t wanna date you. On the other hand, it is good to snoop but don’t assume from what you see.


Pshhhhh who am I kidding. I still creep and stalk the people I talk to because you never know!


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