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That One Time I Went on a Date with a Scientologist… or so I think?

Hey guy! Welcome back to As Told By Mua. I apologize for the late post but you know it’s difficult to have a life when you have school, work, family, etc. I’m sure you guys understand. Anyway…


So, as the the title states I think I went on a date with a Scientologist, nice guy but I thought he was a little strange. Anyway, so we met on Tinder per usual and we decided to meet up for dinner during the week.

We were going to meet in this nice restaurant in Huntington Beach on Main street called Cucina Alessa. BEAUTIFUL restaurant and very romantic because there were no bad ass kids running around or large groups of people over talking the whole restaurant.

I felt bad upon meeting him because I was 45 MINUTES late. That is way over being fashionably late that was just plain rude. To be fair, I let my mother borrow my car while hers was in the shop and she took FOREVER and a DAY to come back with my car. I swear I apologized to him over 20 times on my way there. He was very nice about it and didn’t even leave which I was very surprised at. Especially because I know if the roles were switched I definitely would’ve went home after 20 minutes of sitting in a restaurant by myself with no date in sight.

As I walked into the restaurant I searched high and low for my date and the server knew exactly who I was looking for and led me upstairs to Surfer Boy.

Authors Notes: I chose Surfer Boy because he looked like your typical surfer guy with a nice tan and sun bleached hair with of course my fave blue eyes.


Back to the story….


I apologized once more when I saw him in person and he was so kind and told me not to worry about it and that he was just glad that I made it. How sweet right?


Right away we just engaged in conversation talking about random stuff like where we grew up to our favorite color. However, the conversation went into a whole other direction when he brought up religion. Now, don’t get me wrong I like to think I’m pretty out there myself and I’m not shy to talk about myself. However, I thought it was a little strange he began to talk about how him and his family belonged to a cult growing up. This definitely caught my attention and listened to everything he had to say.

He explained he lived in this small community where everyone knew each other and how no one veered far from the community. He wasn’t allowed to date anyone outside of his faith. He stated that his father was the one who brought his family into this “cult” and that his mother and his siblings got out once the father died. I wish I could remember every little detail of what he told me but this happened a few years ago and we didn’t exactly keep in contact after the date.

After dinner we decided to walk around the pier and I would ask him questions of his family dynamic now that his family was out of this cult life. He stated his younger brother lived in San Francisco with his girlfriend and that is where his mother lives too. He stated that he moved down here to get away from it all and never have to worry about people from the past popping back up in his life. He explained how he always loved to surf and that’s why he moved closer to the beach.

He was extremely cute but his eyes were void as if he didn’t have a soul. I swear I’m not trying to be mean but he looked like he was possessed at some points in our conversation like he wasn’t all there. I mean I still made out with him lol. I was just curious is really why I did it. He was EXTREMELY awkward about it. I’m assuming he didn’t make out with too many people while in this cult let alone hug a girl. He was nice but something about him gave me the heebie jeebies. I thanked him for the date and went on my way. We probably messaged back and forth for a few weeks but neither one of us made an attempt to meet up again.


Lesson learned: if he has no soul, listen to your gut and let it go.


No, I’m kidding that was a little harsh. Nice guy, HORRIBLE kisser.




Until next time….


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