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These Blog Posts are Starting to Make Me Look Like a Hoochie

I must admit when I turned 21 and had a nice job I thought I was hot stuff. I mean I still am but I mean I thought I was even hotter stuff. Anyway, in this section of As Told By Mua I decided to talk about how I fell for a guy who was never going to work out in the first place.


Mr. Sunflower I think would be a great name for him and you’ll understand why in just a bit. I had been talking to him for a couple weeks before we met up just constantly texting back and forth getting to know each other. We decided to just meet up at his house and watch movies. I know what you guys are thinking I got suckered into the whole “Netflix and Chill” and I sure the hell did. I met him at his house which I want to throw out there I did not learn my lesson the last time I did this as you can see. So anyway, I met him at his house and he had a single sunflower in his hand when I pulled up in front of his place. Which I thought was beyond sweet because he knew that was my all time favorite flower.


I immediately thanked him and gave him a kiss on the cheek because it was such a sweet gesture. For this date since I knew wasn’t even really a date I dressed down in some cute blue jeans and a nice flowy top. As we got into his house I saw that one of his roommates was there but they quickly excused themselves upstairs so that they weren’t a third wheel which I understood. Mr. Sunflower then asked me if I would like anything to drink and I said sure and followed him into the kitchen. I was pleasantly surprised the kitchen was spotless being that he shared a place with 3 other guys. He offered me water or wine and I definitely said yes quickly to the wine.

After he had a hard time opening the wine bottle (which he bought my favorite kind knowing I was coming over), I helped out and we were able to open it together. We walked back into the living room and he said I could pick a movie. This is always a HORRIBLE idea because I take forever looking through each genre to find the perfect one. I think I settled on Clueless which I mean is my all time favorite movie and I was testing him to see if he would complain about it. He didn’t which I liked. The whole movie we would awkwardly get closer to each other to see if the other would react to it. In the end we made out (classic me) and from there it escalated pretty quickly.

  • As a disclaimer I’m usually not one to have sex on the first date but he was so sweet and sexy I just couldn’t resist.

Okay back to the story…


As I said it escalated pretty quickly and I went from sitting on the couch beside him to dry humping him on his lap. And can I say WOW he was very good in the tongue department and I even moaned. Which for me I never do especially knowing his roommate was upstairs. Anyway, I let him carry me up the stairs while kissing which is THE GREATEST THING EVER. I literally felt like I was in one of those romance movies but there was no rain and there was no marriage after lol.

So we went upstairs and did our thing. I decided it would be best to leave out some of the more intimate details so that at the end of this you guys still see me as an angel. Which I think has been thrown out the widow a long time ago.

After the first round I will say there were two more and at one point we had to stop midway because the condom broke and I was not going to have some random guys baby. Again I know probably too much info.


So I ended up falling asleep at his house and he CUDDLED me. SUPER SUPER sweet guy. He walked me to my car the next day and kissed me goodbye. We ended up seeing each other and having a few more Netflix and Chill dates. I knew it wasn’t anything serious but it was nice to have a little “friend” to see once in a while to let go some of the built up stress that can occur.

However, I decided to tell him I was going to get on birth control because I didn’t want any mishaps to occur because we weren’t officially dating and I thought it would be another great preventative measure. After I told him that he kinda got weird about it.

Then like a week or two later before we were supposed to “hang out” he mentioned that an old ex was in town and that he felt bad because he still had feelings for her. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t crushed because I definitely was. But, I knew we weren’t anything serious so I couldn’t get mad about it.


Fast forward a few months later and he messaged me out of the blue telling me he missed me. I swear EVERYONE always comes back to me. I’m just that great 😉 lol.


Anyway, I wasn’t rude and by that time I was talking to someone but it was nothing too serious. I just thought it was dumb on his part to try to talk to his ex when it didn’t work out the first time around.He sent me this long essay telling me everything about me he remembered which was actually surprising because he had everything we ever talked about down to a tee. Like my favorite animal, my ambitions, just little things like that.


I decided to give him another chance and we agreed to meet up that next week and he was going to actually take me out and not just stay indoors. So the day before I decided to text him to just verify it was still on for the next day. He didn’t write me back for hours and said “sorry, but you’re going to hate me”. He explained to me that he ended up going back to his ex and they were dating currently. By that point I was so upset and saw him as a totally different guy then what I thought he was. He stated that he didn’t want to be with her but didn’t want to hurt her feelings because he has known her since he was little. I didn’t even respond after that because I was so upset by that point.


Again, he messages me a few months later and said he lied about being with his ex and was just too scared because he was falling for me. By this point I called Bullsh*t. I wanted nothing to do with him. I let him know that it was dumb to lie to me twice and now everything he says I don’t know whch is the truth or a lie. I decided it was best to just block him and keep it pushing. I thought he was this really nice, sweet guy but ended up being some lying douchebag. From time to time I do think about him because we did ultimately become great friends and we were so comfortable around each other. However, I could never go back to what we were because he ruined that with lies.



Moral of this story: sex buddies never work out because you end up getting attached.

Also, DO NOT LIE. It ends up coming back around and you just look like a dick. The end.




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