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He Had the Nerve to Ask Me to Suck His (You Know What)

As the title states a date that turned upside completely by this guy who was ballsy enough to ask me for a BJ. This was one of my very first Tinder dates and I was completely appalled after the date. You would think I would have given Tinder up after that but I didn’t. Anyway here’s the story….


So as mentioned above it was my first time trying out Tinder. I was a young hopeful city girl looking to get into the dating scene. I was completely oblivious of what was actually out there.


This guy whose name I forgot because he was a douche anyway asked me to dinner in Santa Monica at this place called Hillstone. It was a pretty cool place and I had never dined in Santa Monica so it was something different. He seemed like a pretty cool guy. He was originally from Michigan and talked a lot about family as well as what he did for fun. I talked about being new to college and I had just joined the cheer team which took up most of my time. As time came to order he decided it was best to order for me. EXCUSE ME. Do I look like I need you to order for me? Also, if you were going to order for me in the first place why the hell did you even “allow” me to look at the menu. Trifilin’


Anyway, I decided to let that slide because maybe he had been to the restaurant before and wanted me to taste a little bit of everything they had to offer. The conversation was going well besides that and it was time to go. When the bill came he quickly set down his black card to pay. I didn’t even offer to pay after that. Since he was so fancy to have a black card. And yes! I was judging a little bit but oh well.


Fast forward to when we were walking back to the parking lot he asked if I wanted to come back to his place to hang out a little longer. I agreed. (I know I know, very predictable). I knew I wasn’t going to have sex with him but I didn’t think there would be harm in letting the date last a little longer since I had nothing to really go back to at home.


We get to his swanky condo in Santa Monica and it’s one of those places where you needed to have a key to both enter and exit which could ultimately backfire on me. However, being that I was young and naive I said fu*k it. We enter his place and I must say it was nicely decorated. He stated he had a roommate but he was never home so we wouldn’t be “bothered”. In my head I was thinking (boy if you don’t slow your roll) but I decided against saying that. We decided to check to see the TV what was playing. Obviously since it was well after 10pm there was close to nothing on so he decided to put it on Netflix. OF COURSE that is the go to but whatever. So we decided to watch some sort of action movie. I feel like it was the movie 300 or Gladiator. Almost instantly he decides to attack me and go straight to my mouth. At the time, I had just gotten out of a really long relationship so in my mind I was like (is this what dating is like?) and allowed it to happen.


It started getting pretty steamy and I would stop and come up with some lame excuse like I couldn’t breathe or that it was hurting my back to sit in that position. LOL looking back it’s almost comical.


So eventually I was getting pretty over it because by that point I was just like this is boring and I want to go home. He then starts to almost like push my head past his head. At this point I’m thinking like does he like want me to give him a hickey or what. I put my head backup and then he says “CAN YOU JUST LIKE, SUCK MY D*CK”. The F*CKING NERVE of that guy. Can you freaking believe that. UGH! But I had to be nice about it because then I probably would’ve been trapped there since I don’t exactly have the key to get out. So I put on my little sweet and innocent voice and said ” I’ll save that for the next date ;)” just saying those words made me want to gag. He actually fell for it and said okay I’ll walk you out because it’s getting late. Of course, now that he wasn’t getting what he wanted he wanted me out.


After that I got to my car and zoomed out of there quickly as hell. I messaged him one word “douchebag” and blocked him. I’m sure he got the hint after that.



Moral of the story: don’t let guys think because they bought you dinner they deserve a nice little BJ because they don’t. Know your worth.


Oh! And by the way he was no where NEAR hot enough to have demanded a BJ! HMMMPH. I mean he was attractive but not THAT attractive.


Urban Dictionary: Trifilin’ =

Somthing Bad, or somthing dirty. Just a goofy word to say. See Trippin’.
Oh My god Those two are trifilin!!! Aww shoo, he be trifilin!
by youzbetrifilin January 07, 2011

18 thoughts on “He Had the Nerve to Ask Me to Suck His (You Know What)

    1. You would think he would’ve been nervous to even ask. He didn’t even look phased by what he said and didn’t even flinch. I got out of there so quick I think I left skid marks on the street.

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      1. My reading girls is this.. Through out the date he was asexual and wearing a costume of a nice guy and then suddenly he turned on his sexuality in his house..Now this is what most men are like and trust me women unconsciously push away these men..
        Men hide their sexual energy i don’t know for what?


  1. Awww thanks girl! This is something I came up with while working an 8 hour shift with no customers and it just stuck πŸ™‚ trust me I have sooooo many more horrible ones πŸ™ƒ


  2. I just happened to stop by your blog and I’m not sure if I’m glad…sounds like you meet some scary people. (I’m kidding, of course).
    Thankfully, he didn’t try to force anything else and you got outta there…
    I don’t know what it is about some people that some how think in terms of exchanges…what happened to just wanting to give of oneself – and I’m referring to him giving dinner, not you giving him something else…


    1. Yeah you’re telling me. I had to think of something real quick. Luckily he wasn’t like big dude he was a little bit on the scrawny side so if it came down to it I could’ve taken him. So luckily it didn’t come down to that.

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