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There’s Nothing WORSE than a Cheapskate

I cannot STAND a cheapskate. Why even go out if you don’t have money or don’t want to spend money. Stay your ass at HOME! Ugh.


This is the story of a guy I saw once in a while who NEVER wanted to pay for anything..


As usual, I met him on Tinder and we hit it off pretty well and decided to meet up. He worked for NASA and he was some super nerdy science guy. We met at the Bodega Wine Bar in Pasadena. It was a great place for a date because it was super intimate and it wasn’t super loud or full of people so we were able to talk. He showed up wearing a sweater vest which was SUPER adorable and he was just so cute. Or at least I thought. We talked over wine and some appetizers because I wasn’t too hungry and I wanted to be able to talk instead of stuffing my face too much. He talked about his family dynamic and that he originally from Wisconsin and came out here for work. He was really cute and had these little dimples to DIE for. It started to get late and we decided to call it a night because it was the middle of the week and we both had either work or school the next day. The waiter came and gave us the bill and he put down his exact amount on the table so I could pay the rest. I thought to myself maybe he didn’t bring any other money so whatever I paid. After that he walked me to my car and gave me a small kiss on my lips. Nothing over the top but enough to know he probably would’ve jumped the bones if we weren’t in public.

The weekend came and no text, no call, no nothing. At that time Tinder let you see when the last time they logged on and I would get annoyed every time because he FREAKING had been on the site but never messaged me. I never wanted to be that girl who waited around to see if a guy would message. Luckily, I was talking to a few other people so it didn’t bother me too much but he seemed like a really nice guy.


The next week he messaged me on Monday and said he went out to Florida to some sort of EDC like rave and so he didn’t want to message me while he was gone. Which I get but like dang he could have atleast been like “hey, i’m going to be out of town and i’ll message you when i get back” or something. I mean that can’t be too much to ask but whatever.


So we met up about 2 weeks later and we decided to hang out in Pasadena at an Indian food restaurant Akbar Cuisine of India. I have never tried Indian food so I was really excited to try it. I wasn’t super hungry so I got this like mini plate and we shared rice. We caught up on recent events and shared really good conversation. It was time for the restaurant to close and the waiter gave us our bill. I fake reached for my wallet and he said “I would feel bad if you paid since I ate most of the food, otherwise I would let you pay.”Which I thought excuse you??? You wanted to split the bill? I know this is me being a little sexist but I mean you would think he would pay for our dinner date since he is the one who asked me out. I let it slide though but I should have known.


Anyway, we started walking to our separate cars and he asked if I would like to come back to his place. Of course being the naive girl that I was like sure. I followed by him and he lived maybe about 15 minutes away from where we ate dinner. We get back to his place and it looked like a total bachelor pad. A mess! He shirts thrown all over the place and a bunch of shit like (a BIKE right by the door, a guitar, and skis). I wanted to hopefully assume he had just moved in but I know this was not the case. Before we got to his place we were talking about different types of music we liked. He was into Indie type music which is not something I had ever been in to but I was interested to see what he like. So he brought out his laptop and he let me play around on it and we played different songs. I really started to laugh when I realize he had Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift on his laptop. He laughed it off and said “It’s catchy”. Which I thought was super adorable. After a while we decided to turn the tv on and watch a movie. We settled on Babadook which was a really interesting movie. I love scary movies so I was thrilled he picked this one. We got through the whole movie without him being too frisky which I  was surprised about. After the movie that’s when the real action happened.


He reached out to grab my neck and he began to kiss me. Obviously, it escalated and before I knew it I was dry humping him on his couch. Lol. ( I’m starting to see a pattern here.) It started getting crazy and this his shirt was off and my shirt was off. Let me tell you. I am NOT a fan of chest hair. I don’t mind a little bit but this man had a whole 4  of pound GROUND BEEF on his chest. It was a turn off! But, I still let the night keep going. Eventually, he picked me up and walked me to the bed. I knew by this point it was going DOWN. But, I was down for it because it had been a while and I was starting to have cobwebs down there. Anyway, so we do the deed which I must admit wasn’t too bad. I can’t say it was the best thing ever but it definitely wasn’t the worst. It was okay.


Of course, I ended up falling asleep and woke up about 5am to head home. We both woke up at the same time and he tried to get more out of me but I was not having it. One, I was still mad he didn’t want to pay for my dinner and 2 his breath smelled like ass. I got up and he asked if i wanted to brush my teeth. He had a spare toothbrush which I thought was nice but also weird because i was starting to think this was a sort of cycle for him. After that we both headed out and I did the walk of shame to my car.


After that we hadn’t talked in a while so I decided to message him. We decided to meet up to catch a movie in a few weeks. The Longest Ride was coming out and I couldn’t wait to see that movie. As usual, we met on a weekday which was convenient for the both of us due to work and school. We meet at the movie theater and we both stand in line to get ready to buy a ticket. At this point, he decides to walk ahead of me and say “One ticket for the Longest Ride” He’s lucky I really wanted to see that movie or I would have left his ass right then and there. We get inside the movie theater and he asks if I want to buy any food or drinks for myself. AGAIN. CHEAP AS HELL. I said no and continued to walk into the movie. I am a big baby when it comes to romance and about halfway through the movie and he starts laughing at me. RUDE! I mean I wasn’t mad but like dang he could at least been playful about it. He was legitimately being kind of snobby about it. After the movie was over we headed back to his place. I know, i know pathetic right. I just wanted one more last hoorahhh before I kicked his ass to the curb.


We did our do and I got the hell out of there.


I just could not.  This guy works for NASA and lives in Pasadena. He had money but was being cheap as hell. I just could not anymore.


From time to time he would message me asking to hang out and i would  just ignore him. I mean don’t get me wrong I wasn’t expecting him to Facebook official me but the least he could do his pay for my dinner or a movie ticket. Geez Louise. Since then i have definitely set my expectations higher.


Moral of the Story: If he can’t buy a movie ticket he can’t buy your kitty. No I’m kidding that’s prude. But seriously chivalry is not dead and there are plenty of guys that will be gentlemanly enough for a cheap date like something as simple as a movie ticket. Know your worth!



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