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The Guy Who Swept Me off My Feet from My Boyfriend…

The Guy Who Swept Me off My Feet From My Boyfriend…


So, at the time I was with my boyfriend of 6 years and things were going downhill really fast. I was unhappy. I knew it and I just could not break it to him. I knew it would break his heart. So, I stayed in this relationship miserable. Nothing about him attracted me to him. I didn’t even want to touch him let alone have sex with him. I needed to get out and I didn’t know how I was going to do it.

My older brother was getting married of May of 2014 and I was to be a bridesmaid. I flew out there the weekend of Memorial weekend and was really excited to go because I needed a break from life. I had never been to Washington State before and it was absolutely beautiful. Trees everywhere and it was so green. I traveled there with my dad and sister so it was great to have a little family reunion because we all don’t get to see each other often.


The night we flew in was the day before the wedding. By the time we drove from Seattle up North it was late and we all went to bed. We started getting ready for the wedding together and I posted a picture and tagged everyone in it. Right before the wedding started I received a lot of congrats for my brother but there was one comment that stood out from the rest. This blonde hair blue eyed German guy commented asking what the address was for the wedding and had a mutual friend which was my brother. I sent him the address and he said thanks.


As the reception was underway the same guy who asked for the address walked through the door and I was completely stunned. He was even better looking in person. To say I was head over heels would be an understatement. He came in wearing a trucker hat backwards and a tight v neck. UGH. My sister was asking me if that was the guy I was talking about it. It was and she knew it. I could not help but to look at him. I would eat a bite of food and stare. Then, go grab some dessert and stare. Etc, Etc. I just could not help it. I don’t think I’ve ever been that attracted to a man in my life.

So, it was time for the dancing part of the reception and everyone was having fun and being goofy when German guy walks up to me and says thank you.  We began talking about random stuff and how I was related to the groom. He then asked if I was married and I said no but I am in a serious relationship. He then said but are you happy. I didn’t respond. I wasn’t happy and I knew it.

It was starting to get late and my family and I started talking about how I had to leave the next day. The German Guy as well as my family said I should stay at least one more day since I didn’t really get to experience Washington. I told them all I couldn’t because I had work the next day and I have responsibilities. I did tell them I will hang out with them all night though and just be tired later.


We ended up taking the party to someones house and drank. I typically don’t drink and I get drunk pretty quick it’s almost pathetic. No it is pathetic lol. So we were all hanging out and German Guy came to hang out and my dad was giving him the 3rd degree which was totally unnecessary. My dad being the asshole that he is would drop hints like my daughter is dating someone and what about such and such. We weren’t doing anything but there was a lot of flirting going on which wasn’t appropriate.


I don’t even remember getting back to my brothers house. Next thing I know its noon and I missed my freaking flight! I was so pissed off at myself to allowing this to happen. I almost think my brother turned my alarm off just so that I can stay another day.


So somewhere in the night before German Guy and I exchanged numbers. I texted him and said I missed my flight. He was all to eager to take me out. I didn’t want this to seem like a date so I asked if I could bring my sister. He said sure and he said he would pick me up in a hour.


He shows up in his really nice car (some sort of Audi) and he has someone in the back seat. He walks up and opens the door for me which I thought was super gentlemanly of him and introduced me to his brother who was kind of like the complete opposite of him. Super rugged and bald lol. Not to say he was ugly but he didn’t give me the same vibe as his brother.


German Guy took me to this boardwalk and we walked along it just talking about what we wanted to accomplish in life. We eventually got to the end of the boardwalk and he bought me a hot chocolate. It was sooo sweet. However, out of nowhere it started raining so we had to run back to the car all wet. He dropped me back off at my brothers and told me how much of a good time he had with me. I thanked him and that was it.


I flew back home and was glad I had a break from reality for just a second.

I got home and I knew then and there I needed to end things with my boyfriend. I felt bad but I knew I couldn’t just live being unhappy. It was an awful break up full of tears and non stopping calling..

A week later German Guy messaged me and asked how I was and I told him what happened. I could tell he was happy about it but he gave me space. However, he sent me an itinerary showing he booked a flight for the middle of August to come see me……



(I think I’m going to write this story in 3 different parts because it’s such a dramatic story in the end and I think it’s worth mentioning every detail)


Stay Tuned!


12 thoughts on “The Guy Who Swept Me off My Feet from My Boyfriend…

  1. Everything Makes complete sense to me.. I like the part when you told him that you would bring your sister and he said sure and also i am guessing there was no hesitation in his reply which is the invisible key bit..

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  2. He sounds like a total package – at least so far. It’s so important, I think, for someone to accept how you want to handle things. He asked, you told him what you were willing to do, and he took it as an opportunity – That’s a MAN, if you ask me. 😉 Can’t wait to read the rest…


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