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Pt 2 of The Guy Who Swept Me Off My Feet From My Boyfriend


Germany Guy had just sent me a copy of his itinerary. We began talking pretty much day and night after that. Again, keep in mind I had just broken up with my ex boyfriend and I was still kind of getting over that. Despite the fact that I was the one that broke it off it still effected me at the end of the day because I thought he was going to be my forever.

Fast forward to the week he came to visit me…

So even though he was coming to visit me I still couldn’t take off work because I took my job very seriously and I was an assistant manager at a boutique and retail is every single day. However, that happened to be the week school was out so I had two off days in which we could hang out all day and get to know each other better. He flew in the third week of June and we met up after work. I got off about 5pm but I brought spare clothes because I wasn’t quite sure what he had planned for the night. He booked his hotel at the Shorebreak Hotel in Huntington Beach. I’m assuming he was just trying to show off at this point but whatever he had me biting out the palm of his hand. I ended up meeting him on Main Street at this restaurant called Avila’s El Ranchito. It was a cute little Mexican food place and I’m a sucker for Mexican food. We just talked about normal stuff like all of our favorite things to do and what we aspired to be when we “grew” up so to speak. All I remember was falling into his spell and I was completely lusting over this man I had barely spent any time with.

After that he invited me back up to his room to “hang out”. I already knew what that could possibly mean but as I stated earlier I was so used to just being with one man I just wanted to do something different than anything I had done before. LIVE and LET LOOSE.

We ended up going back to his hotel and he had chocolate covered strawberries waiting for me when we got back. He KNEW he got me lol. But of course I still accepted the lovely strawberries because I mean free food is always great in my book. After I ate ALL of the strawberries we again just laid down and just talked about life. I remember at one point he leaned in and kissed me. At first it was sweet and innocent but it definitely grew into more as time passed. After about 20 minutes of sucking each others faces off I decided to call it a night. I just didn’t feel comfortable taking it to that next step so fast. I think honestly I was just too self conscious and just felt like such a “beginner” in that department I didn’t want to disappoint especially because I was so nervous I was shaking. He understood and kissed me goodnight on the forehead.

The next morning we woke up quite early because he decided to take me to Disneyland. I’m telling you this guy was good! He had never been before since he was born and raised in Washington. He knew it was a place that I absolutely loved and he wanted to take me there. To say that I could cry is an understatement. We went to Disneyland and I had the absolute best time of my life. ย I showed him all my favorite spots like the Dole Whip stand to get their famous pineapple float and after that we raced to the Indiana Jones ride which is a MUST DO right in the beginning of your trip. Then after that we raced to the Space Mountain ride to get a fast pass and wait in that 2 hour line. It was so great to be able to enjoy Disneyland with someone who has never gone before. Typically, guys don’t tend to like Disneyland since there aren’t big roller coasters throughout the entire park so I made sure to keep him enthused the whole time. We also went to California Adventure towards the middle of the day so we could see what else they had to offer. I had not been on the Tower of Terror ride before so I was a little nervous. (Rides that just go straight down are not my favorite what so ever). However, I knew it would be good if we just went on it because he probably wouldn’t get the opportunity to do it again. The whole time I had my eyes closed just waiting to drop and he held on to my hand and leaned into me and whispered “don’t worry I’m right here”. I honestly felt so safe with him in that moment that I knew that was the night it would all happen.

So of course that night we got it on! Lol. I’ll spare you the really juicy details but it all started when he jokingly asked me if I wanted to shower with him and to his surprise I said yes. Then it carried into the bedroom and that was that.

The next day we decided to have a more relaxing day and hang out at the beach. I’m not big on going into the middle of the ocean and drowning so I only go about hip length and just kind of like wade. He on the other hand wanted to experience all of California and rented a surf board to ride the waves. And LET ME TELL YOU.. he looked SOOOOO GOOD. You should’ve seen him in his tight body suit and his blonde hair wet from the water. MMMM MMMM. Delicious ๐Ÿ˜‰ LOL. At the end of it we ended up sunbathing (not that I needed it) and fell asleep under the light of the sun. Eventually, we woke back up and decided we should probably eat. We decided on BJ’s since it was within walking distance and had a light dinner. We of course ended the night with me back at his place. The last two days he was there we kind of just walked around the beach and just truly enjoyed each others company. He asked if I would want to continue this and come visit him the next time. I told him I wasn’t sure because I took my job seriously and I just hated to request time off. He told me to think about it. I remember looking into his baby blues and it was a difficult face to say goodbye to. I ended up driving him to the airport and the whole time I was just thinking did I want this? Was it worth the risk? Do long distance relationships really work out in the end?

A week later I booked a flight to Washington for his birthday weekend…..

I flew out there the the week of July 17th since that was his birthday. I told my brother I was coming to visit him but I didn’t tell him the reason why I flew 1300 miles out to Washington for the guy I met at his wedding. I got to my brother’s house and loved being able to spend time with his family but I was on a mission LOL. I called up German Guy and told him to come pick me up so we can hang out. He showed me all of Washington (well atleast the part where he was from which was a hour south of Seattle). It was beautiful being able to see everything. We even went on a few hikes which was really fun and again I had such a blast. The week flew by so quick I barely had time to blink. Last thing I knew it was Saturday the day of his birthday and the day before I was expected to be back home in California. I had learned while I was there he had a DUI in the past and so he doesn’t drink any more due to that. When he told me that I was taken aback but I tried not to judge him because he told me how he had a trouble past and BOTH OF HIS PARENTS COMMITTED SUICIDE! To say I was shocked is an understatement. He literally told his whole story to me that week and I’m grateful he felt comfortable enough to share that with me. He was 7 years old when he found his mother drowned in their bathtub. His father hung his self from the stress with having to do with his new role as caretaker and he found out his wife had been having an affair with a preacher. It was all too much for the both of them so they took their own life. By this point I felt so bad for him and all I wanted to do was protect him. (Cheesy I know but it was how I felt)

Anyway… back to the day of his birthday. He wanted to go out with his friends to a club because again he hadn’t been in such a long time. We first went out to eat at this place similar to Benihanas and it was cool because I had never eaten at a place like that before. I was a little bummed though he didn’t offer to pay for my food. But, I couldn’t be upset because it was his birthday so I offered to pay for both of ours. We went to the club and he wanted to order a drink. He then told me he realized he left his wallet at home and only had his I.D. I blew it off and thought it was an honest mistake so I ordered him a round of drinks and his friends paid for the rest. At one point he went to the bathroom and I was left to fend for myself with the millions of sweaty bodies that were at this club. This guy decided it was the perfect opportunity to come talk to me and put his hand on my arm as if I knew him. I then told him to get off of me and stepped back. German Guy saw this and got mad at me. I had know idea who the guy was and he got mad I even “allowed” this to happen. EXCUSE ME! I didn’t want this guy to touch me and he shouldn’t have expected me to have wanted to either. Anyway, he gave me the third degree and had the nerve to say “I’m lucky after seeing that I just didn’t leave you here by yourself”. I decided to just let that go since he was intoxicated and this was the first time he had ever shown that side to him. We proceeded to leave the club because I felt like it was the best thing to do at that point.

We get back to his house and I needed his brothers help to get him to get in the house. He said he still wanted to dance and his night wasn’t over. Boy, was he wrong. Lol. Anyway, I finally get him in bed and start packing up my stuff when his brother begins talking to me. He warned me that if I wasn’t serious about his brother I should just let him go after this. He proceeded to tell me his brother has been hurt in the past and he doesn’t know if he can get him through that again. I understood and told him my intentions.

As I flew back into my house he texted me asking if I made it back safe. He then sent me this long paragraph about how he wants to continue to see me and he already missed me. After that he said to know if we were meant to be we need to see each other for a long period of time. I agreed….

And I gave my boss a 2 month notice that I would be gone out of the state ย FOR A WHOLE MONTH. YUP! I did it. I took a leap into unknown territory…

Stay Tuned for Part 3 ๐Ÿ˜‰


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